Which Toronto Raptors Player Will Be Brooklyn Nets' Biggest Concern?

By Mike B. Ruiz
Nick Turchiaro-USA Today Sports
Nick Turchiaro-USA Today Sports

Something unique about the NBA playoffs is the way in which one specific player can be a coach’s biggest nightmare from the start of a series all the way through its end. Get ready to see just that when the Brooklyn Nets and Toronto Raptors begin their first-round postseason series Saturday afternoon up in Canada.

Because of his unique combination of speed and strength, the player that will give Brooklyn the most problems throughout this matchup will be guard Kyle Lowry.

It won’t be anything the Nets haven’t had thrown at them during many points this season. So what should coach Jason Kidd’s solution to the upcoming Lowry concern be? Well, it would appear that he’d have two options.

The first could be to stick Shaun Livingston on him for the majority of the contests. With his ridiculous wingspan and quality footwork, he would at least make Lowry work for whatever he’s going to put up. Deron Williams’ ankles have looked pretty healthy as of late, but Kidd should do his best to preserve most of Williams’ energy for contributing on the offensive end of the floor.

Kidd’s other option could be one that we didn’t witness much of throughout the regular season, and that would be going to a zone defense. The zone was created with the intention of preventing quick guards like Lowry from getting into the paint at will, which is why this would be a perfect time to go to it.

In reality, Kidd’s likely to throw many different defensive looks at Lowry. He’ll just need to decide which one would be most effective with the game – and maybe even Brooklyn’s season – on the line.

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