Brooklyn Nets Coach Jason Kidd is Ready For Playoff Atmosphere

By Mike B. Ruiz
David Richard-USA Today Sports
David Richard-USA Today Sports

As the Brooklyn Nets prepare for Game 1 of their first round playoff series against the Toronto Raptors on Saturday afternoon, they will find themselves faced with an exorbitant amount of questions. Inevitably, one of them will pertain to coach Jason Kidd, and it will posed rather simply – is he ready for this moment?

The quick answer will be short and sweet — Yes.

A rookie coach at any level Kidd may be, but the proof of his preparedness lies in the Hall of Fame resume he put together between 1994 and 2013. More specifically, it’s the NBA Finals runs that he made with this same organization in 2002 and 2003 back in New Jersey, as well as the one he completed with the Dallas Mavericks in 2011 over the Miami Heat. All of that will make coaching in the playoffs something Kidd will not fear in even the slightest sense.

Fearlessness and unwavering faith are the qualities a coach must display to his team to get the best out of them once the postseason arrives. Luckily for the Nets, Kidd has been steady in demonstrating these qualities all season long, even when his group was getting flat-out steamrolled with some regularity before the New Year.

Many will throw the question out there either way, but for those who paid close attention to Kidd’s playing days and the dramatic mid-season turnaround in Brooklyn due to his tactics and influences, there is no need for one.

They already know that Kidd has been preparing for this moment for 20 years.

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