2014 NBA Playoffs: Chicago Bulls Are In Major Trouble After Game 1 Loss

By Jacob Kornhauser
Joakim Noah
Getty Images

It’s been six years since the Washington Wizards have made the playoffs. Apparently, the wait made them eager for a win.

They got exactly that in a huge Game 1 victory over the Chicago Bulls on the road. The win majorly improves the Wizards’ chances of taking the series and advancing. Viewed by many as the third team behind the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat, the Bulls’ loss is a major disappointment. As the best defensive team in the league during the regular season, the Bulls surely didn’t envision giving up 102 points to the visiting Wizards.

After letting them steal the first game in Chicago, the Bulls have plenty of work to do if they want to still be playing basketball in a couple weeks. For the Wizards, it’s their first playoff win in over half a decade, and it came in come-from-behind fashion. They were down by 13 points and stormed back behind a 24-point outing by Nene.

Now, the Bulls have to win Game  2 if they hope to win this series. Riding the momentum of Game 1, the Wizards will do everything in their power to make sure that doesn’t happen. The winner of the series will likely get to play the top-seeded Pacers, although Indiana lost Game 1 at home to the No. 8 seed Atlanta Hawks. Clearly, the Pacers are the weaker of the top two seeds in the Eastern Conference, so the winner of this series has the best chance to upset a top seed.

Obviously, the Bulls knew they had a chance to knock off their division rivals in the second round en route to reaching the Eastern Conference Finals. However, the Wizards made it clear the Bulls would have to get through them first in order to have that shot. After losing Game 1, that task got a whole lot harder.

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