Atlanta Hawks' Mike Scott Has Worst Tattoos in American History

By Connor Muldowney
Mike Scott
Getty Images

We have all seen some pretty bad athlete tattoos in our day. For example, guys like Larry Sanders of the Milwaukee Bucks have made grammatical errors on theirs. Sanders’ tattoo was supposed to say “receive” on his arm, but instead said “recieve” — no one taught him “i” before “e” except after “c” apparently.

Atlanta Hawks‘ power forward Mike Scott now falls into the stupid tattoo category as well.

The big man is in his second year in the league and he’s already making extremely dumb decisions about what to spend his money on as people are now starting to take notice of what’s visible on his arms. Scott had emojis tattooed all over his body for some odd reason and it’s almost an embarrassment to the entire country.

We all know that people use way too many emojis today — you know we are all guilty of it. It seems like there is a perfect one for every situation in life, but Scott took it way too far. Emojis are meant to be on a white screen through text message, not a body canvas.

Here’s another good look at the embarrassment on his arms:

Sure, these have been on his body for a while now, but it seems like everyone is starting to really take notice because the Hawks are in a heated playoff series with the Indiana Pacers, putting his arms on national TV every other night.

Sorry, Mike, but you need to get rid of those as soon as possible because in a year or two, you’re going to feel pretty stupid.

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