Indiana Pacers Should be Ashamed Over Fight Between Evan Turner, Lance Stephenson

By Connor Muldowney
Evan Turner
Getty Images

With the extreme dysfunction that the Indiana Pacers have dealt with over the past month-plus of the season, not many people were surprised to hear that it boiled over into a fist fight before Game 1 of the playoffs. Evan Turner and Lance Stephenson apparently had to be separated due to an incident during practice before the playoffs started.

According to Yahoo! SportsAdrian Wojnarowski, the two Pacers teammates were separated and a cursing, cut Turner was taken out of the arena to avoid further issues.

Some think that fights between teammates are a good thing, but in this case, that’s the exact opposite. While fighting usually helps teams resolve differences, the Pacers have just dug themselves further and further into a grave.

Roy Hibbert was once thought to be a big reason for the dysfunction and now we know it’s a team-wide issue and not just one or two guys.

Stephenson has been known to fire up some tempers on the court between teammates as well as opponents. While he’s quite the fiery personality, Turner should have known this and backed off when he knew something was about to happen.

While you can’t really predict fights, there is a time and place for settling differences, and it’s not on the court during practice before a playoff game.

The Atlanta Hawks are hoping this frustration continues throughout the first round so they can pull off one of the biggest upsets in recent memory.

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