It's Looking Like Phil Jackson Needs to Lay Off the Twinkies

By Connor Muldowney
Phil Jackson
Getty Images

Phil Jackson is one of the most brilliant minds in sports day. The New York Knicks‘ president of basketball operations has become quite the star in the Big Apple and it seems like people adore the former Los Angeles Lakers coach no matter which team they root for.

It’s time to start rooting for the former coach to shed some pounds. A recent picture that was posted on Twitter shows just how much Phil has let himself go — or at least gives the illusion as such.

As you can see, Phil is just walking down the streets of New York, minding his own business in his Knicks hat when someone snapped a pic of the Zen Master looking like a million pounds — I mean bucks.

I guess being in a city like New York will do that to you. I mean, you do have to deal with Carmelo Anthony‘s drama and the terrible Knicks. Putting on pounds is almost expected when you’re in the position of Jackson now.

Many people would drink the weight on with the type of pressure Jackson is on, but let’s just hope he’s destroying his body with pizza, donuts and the occasional New York-style deep dish pizza — or two.

Good ol’ Phil needs to lay off the fast foot and Twinkies and start thinking up a plan to get Carmelo to take less money to stay with the Knicks.

If not, Phil could be in serious trouble. I mean, he might have to start buying two courtside seats for future Knicks games instead of just one.

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