Los Angeles Lakers Must Avoid Trading Away Draft Pick At All Costs

By Joseph Crevier
NBA Draft
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Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the Los Angeles Lakers having an absolutely terrible season is possessing a draft pick within the top six. Having such a high lottery pick is sort of a foreign idea to Lakers fans, and in recent days, reports have swirled regarding Los Angeles possibly floating the idea of trading the pick on or prior to draft day. Who would be the target in this type of trade? Kevin Love.

Of course, any situation in which the Lakers receive a superstar player like Love is exciting and something to celebrate, but it kind of kills the excitement when it comes at the cost of a highly-coveted prospect.

Youth talent has been absent from Los Angeles really since Andrew Bynum was selected 10th overall in 2oo5. Bynum was an All-Star caliber player who was plagued by injury during the entirety of his Lakers career, but he just goes to show how valuable a prospect can become. Despite being injured so much, Bynum played a key role in the Lakers capturing championships 15 and 16 a few years ago.

The Lakers could have easily traded him away, but instead they were patient and ultimately ended up receiving then All-Star Pau Gasol.

What I am getting at is that Los Angeles must be patient here as well. It is a very similar situation, but Gasol in this case is Love. The opportunity to have both a prospect and Love is actually realistic. Los Angeles possesses a high pick as well as the cap space to make some noise in free agency. Whether it be Love, Rajon Rondo, or LaMarcus Aldridge, building an all-around strong team is a must if the plan is to be a contending as soon as possible.

Therefore, trading away a draft pick for somebody they can simply sign the following offseason makes no sense whatsoever. This type of transaction must be avoided at all costs.

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