NBA Creates Awesome Compilation of Best Video Bombs from 2013-14

By Gil Alcaraz IV
Chris Bosh Video Bomb

These days, no picture or video is safe from those bombers who can’t help but be a nuisance. Even when it comes to professional sports, it seems like the photo and video bombers have found a sense of purpose the likes of which we’ve never seen.

With that in mind, the NBA brought us this gem. A compilation of the greatest video bombs from the 2013-14 season, with a heavy dose of creeper stares, cartwheels and crashed interviews for good measure. It’s sure to incite at least a few chuckles, so check it out.

My personal favorite is the Los Angeles Clippers players screwing with Jared Dudley’s headband while he’s immersed in an interview, but the creeper Chris Bosh stare is definitely a close second.

What does it say about the Miami Heat that the majority of these video bombs include them? Whether it’s Dwyane Wade cartwheeling behind LeBron James or Bosh carrying a kid awkwardly in the background, the defending champs can’t seem to leave post-game interviews alone. It must be the ego that comes with winning two in a row…

Either way, it’s all in good fun, and it sure gives us fans a laugh here and there. It’s become a part of the culture of the NBA, and is sure to stick around for some time – that is, until some rule is passed down from the league banning it.

Oh wait, it’s the NFL that wants to ruin their respective sport.

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