Roy Hibbert Put Up For Sale on Fake Amazon Page

By RantSports Staff
Roy Hibbert
USA Today Sports

Things have been going poorly for the Indiana Pacers as of late. The team is struggling mightily to get back on track after an awful finish to the regular season. Now the Pacers are locked into a serious first round battle against the Atlanta Hawks, with the series headed back to Georgia tied at one game a piece.

If the Pacers do ultimately collapse this postseason, many are predicting big changes in Indy. Frank Vogel could lose his job and it’s possible that a star player or two could be dealt.

Well, one disgruntled fan has decided to speed up the process by placing Roy Hibbert on Amazon. That’s right, the Indiana big man is ‘for sale’ on one of the world’s most popular websites:

Here’s a screenshot of the page:

Hibbert on Amazon

-The perfect center for your tanking NBA franchise

-College graduate

-Incredible illusionist (2x All-Star with career avg of 11 points and 6 rebounds)

-Excellent for reaching things you can’t!

-Experienced in Google Glass

-Eats just about anything

You also have to love the related items: Kwame Brown and Lawrence Frank. Nobody seems to want those two guys. But when it comes to Hibbert, there’s no way the Pacers will part ways with him. He’s too big and in today’s NBA, 7-2 players are tough to come by.

Changes need to be made if the Pacers fail to make the ECF this postseason, but if they get there and lose, it will be hard to justify a housecleaning. It would be even harder to justify a Hibbert trade.

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