Carmelo Anthony Asking About Tom Thibodeau Makes Nothing Certain

By Cody Williams
Carmelo Bulls Knicks
Mike Dinovo – USA Today Sports Images

As far as stories not concerning the NBA Playoffs go, there aren’t many that are more often discussed than Carmelo Anthony and his future with the New York Knicks or whatever team he decides to sign with when he becomes a free-agent this summer.

Every single thing that happens remotely concerning the All-Star forward is taken as some kind of indication about what his plans are. If there’s a sunny day in New York, it’s an indication that he’d like to join the Miami Heat. If there’s a storm, he’s thinking about the Oklahoma City Thunder. That’s just the way things have seemingly been playing out with Anthony in recent weeks.

One of the most popular potential destinations that’s being discussed, though, is the Chicago Bulls. We’ve had multiple reports and rumors that indicate that Carmelo has interest in the Bulls. Those reports have ranged from him having conversations with Joakim Noah to a more recent report that he asked what it’s like to play under Tom Thibodeau.

Obviously Melo asking these types of questions means that he’s considering the Bulls, but I would suspect that Thibs isn’t the only coach that the forward has inquired about in the past few months. This is a player with a plethora of options and he’s obviously going to weigh every part of that.

Wherever Anthony decides to go, it’s going to dramatically change the fortunes of that team. Particularly if he lands somewhere that will see him surrounded by a group of talented players, Melo could put a team into title-contention. However, we’ve got to stop jumping the gun with rumors and reports. Because he asks about Thibodeau doesn’t mean he wants the Bulls more than anyone else to sign him. It simply means that he’s weighing his options. We make it out to be more, but it’s relatively mundane.

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