Game 3 Will Be Hardest Victory To Attain for Miami Heat In First Round Series Against Charlotte Bobcats

By Jared Doyle
April 25, 2014; Steve Mitchell- The Miami Heat will play their toughest game of the series against the Charlotte Bobcats on Saturday night, as the Cats look to avoid going 0-3 in the first round. of the NBA Playoffs.
Steve Mitchell- USA Today Sports

In the NBA Playoffs, once a team goes down 0-3 in their respective series, the chances of that team making a comeback are slim to none. In fact, no team in the history of the league has been down 0-3 in the playoffs, and come back to win the series. These are the potential odds stacked up against the Charlotte Bobcats as they head back to North Carolina to play their first home game of the playoffs against the Miami Heat. One thing is for sure; expect a grind of a game.

In the Heat’s two home playoff victories against the Bobcats, the defending champs have only been able to outscore the Cats by a total of just 15 points. Both of these games were relatively close down the stretch of the fourth quarter as well, which raises the question: will home court advantage be a deciding factor for the Bobcats in Game 3?

With Al Jefferson on the verge of being delegated to a wheelchair, players like Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Kemba Walker have had to step up their roles offensively in order to keep this series competitive, and they have done just that. Kidd-Gilchrist put up 22 points and 10 rebounds in Game 2, and Walker had 20 points, six assists and five rebounds in Game 1. Both players have been crucial in keeping the Bobcats close in both games, but the talent discrepancy between both teams eventually dictated the victor.

The Bobcats will come out playing desperately on Saturday night, as they fully realize the implications of going down 0-3 in any NBA Playoff series. The Heat haven’t exactly hit full throttle since the playoffs started, allowing the Bobcats to climb back from deficits multiple times throughout both games, mostly due to careless turnovers (24 over the last two games) and a lack of consistent energy. The Heat have obviously been coasting in this series, but Game 3 could be an opportunity for the Bobcats to make them pay for it.


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