Golden State Warriors Should Not Change Name

By Andrew Fisher
Golden State Warriors
Getty Images

The Golden State Warriors are in the midst of an intense playoff battle with the Los Angeles Clippers. The series is 2-1 in favor of the Clippers, with a crucial home game looming for the Warriors on Saturday night.

When it comes to the topic the Warriors’ home, it’s just recently been learned that they will be moving to San Francisco in a few years. The team has purchased property in The City by the Bay and hopes to move there before the 2018 season.

The move has raised an important question — will the Warriors keep their ‘Golden State’ moniker?

It’s a topic that team CEO Rick Welts recently addressed with ESPN:

“We’re very curious what our fans think of that. I couldn’t imagine making that decision in the very near future, but we definitely want to see what our fans prefer…We’re spending a lot of time with the facility itself to do everything possible to replicate what we think is a really special atmosphere for our games at Oracle.”

So, will Warriors fans been in favor of a name change?

I have a hard time believing they will be. Sure it technically makes sense to become the San Francisco Warriors again, but it would be an odd change. Even casual fans seem to like the Golden State Warriors and their familiar yellow-ish/blue jerseys.

The San Francisco version of the team hasn’t been around since way back in 1971. If the Warriors were moving to a different place other than the Bay Area, then maybe I’d buy a name change. But since Oakland and San Fran are in the same basic vicinity, the Warriors are best served to remain the Golden State’s team.

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