LeBron James Irked By Hard Fouls, Should Re-Watch Bad Boys Doc

By Andrew Fisher
Getty Images
Getty Images

LeBron James got hacked by Josh McRoberts in game two of the Miami Heat‘s opening round playoff series. Everyone saw it, knew it was over-the-top and the NBA responded appropriately with a $20,000 fine for McRoberts.

In most cases that would have been the end of the story. But when the story involves the best basketball player in the world, it’s going to linger for a while. In this particular case, James’ frustration is the lingering part of the story.

He says he doesn’t want this to be perceived as him complaining and trying to leverage the officials, but we all know that’s how it’s going to be perceived anyway.

“I understand there’s going to be contact, and if it’s the right call, then I’m okay with it. My foul didn’t even get checked. It was never checked, and it was at a crucial point of the game…I don’t cry for fouls. I know it’s going to be a big headline tomorrow, ‘LeBron is crying for fouls.’ It’s not that at all. If the game is played and (officiated) how it’s supposed to be, then I’m okay with it,” said James.

The King also remarked that if this was the 80s it would be a different story and he would have ‘come up swinging.’

Well no kidding. We’re not living in the 1980s and the game is called a heck of a lot differently than it was back in the day. But that makes James’ remarks even more pathetic. He should have just taken the high road and brushed off the severity of the foul.

You have to think he watched the recent 30 for 30 ‘Bad Boys’ documentary. Did he not see how hard players got fouled in those days? The shot he received from McRoberts would have been considered a love tap compared to some of the hits Larry Bird took against the Pistons.

LeBron should probably re-watch the Bad Boys doc and come in to game three with a different mindset. He’s going to keep getting hit hard. When he’s asked about it in the future, he’s best served to just act like it’s part of the game. Then it won’t be a story.

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