James Harden Prepared to Lead Houston Rockets to Greatness

By Michael Terrill
James Harden
Getty Images

The Houston Rockets believe they have a team that is destined for greatness in 2014. In order to prove that theory correct, they must first get past the Portland Trail Blazers. It took three overtimes for Houston to record their first victory of the playoffs this season, but it was a game that showed they are ready to take the necessary next step. In fact, shooting guard James Harden proved that he has what it takes to lead the Rockets to greatness this postseason.

It was Houston’s Troy Daniels who will go down in history as the hero of Game 3. His three-pointer with 11.9 seconds left on the clock sealed the deal that the Rockets would be able to secure a notch in the win column.

However, it was Harden who was the success story of Friday night’s contest. It was he who blasted the Trail Blazers for a career-high 37 points, which no doubt played a major role in the win.

Harden has historically been solid in the playoffs, whether it was a member of the Rockets last season or the Oklahoma City Thunder in the years before. Unfortunately, that success was nowhere to be found in the first two games in the series against Portland. The 24-year-old was a mere 14-for-47 from the field over that span, which certainly caused the Rockets some concern. Sure, he scored 27 and 18 points respectively in those games, but his dismal shooting percentage was costly. Thankfully, that all changed in Game 3 as his explosive production is exactly what Houston needs if they want to reach the next round.

Even though it was only one game, Harden showed that he has what it takes to give Houston the necessary edge to pull of the series win. It will be interesting to see what the superstar has in store for Game 4.

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