If Racist Remarks Are True, Donald Sterling Must Be Removed From NBA

By Luis Tirado Jr.
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When it comes to the world of sports, Donald Sterling and racism should have no place whatsoever. Whenever a player puts on a uniform, he instantly becomes a part of an exclusive family. You will play together, learn together, and grow into a cohesive unit to have everyone contribute to earn a championship. Along the way, you will face tough obstacles and through your team, the answers will come.

There has been a leaked phone conversation that’s gone viral across the internet which recorded Sterling saying some of the most offensive racial comments you could ever imagine. Coming off as an ignorant racist, Sterling was upset that his girlfriend at the time, who is half African-American and Mexican, posted a picture on Instagram with an athlete. Not just any athlete mind you, Hall of Fame legend Magic Johnson.

Sterling made it clear he didn’t want her “broadcasting” her affiliation with African-Americans on social networking, which obviously angered her and left her with many questions. How could a man, let alone the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, have such hate towards human beings because of the color of their skin? It gets even worse, since Sterling also made it clear to her that he didn’t want her bringing African-Americans to games he was attending.

The NBA has already begun an ongoing investigation into the entire ordeal and plans to have a decision made as soon as possible. It’s unclear if a decision will be made before the Clippers’ playoff game, but it’s safe to say Sterling was informed to not attend any events until a decision has been made. Let it be known, high profile celebrities and activists are already planning retaliation should the NBA not take severe disciplinary actions for his comments.

Once the investigation is over, everyone must look at the bigger picture of what happens next. How will Sterling be able to ever show his face again at basketball games? How will he address his team when everyone in the room knows how he truly feels about minorities? The best solution the NBA needs to do is remove him completely. No man should ever be allowed to own a team feeling so strongly against minorities.

New commissioner Adam Silver needs to solidify himself as having no tolerance in this matter. He needs to handle this before it starts to hurt the image of the league he’s trying to build into a powerhouse. Sterling needs to be removed of all his powers as an owner and be banned completely from the sport. It’ll send a clear message that these kind of comments won’t stand without severe consequences.

Perhaps if this is handed down to Sterling, everyone can move on and realize while people like him still exist, it will have no place in the world of sports.

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