Los Angeles Clippers Players Rightfully Protest Donald Sterling's Racist Comments

By Gil Alcaraz IV
Donald Sterling

The players of the Los Angeles Clippers aren’t happy, and for good reason. Yesterday, audio was released of a phone conversation between Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his girlfriend, in which Sterling repeatedly makes racist comments about African-Americans attending games.

While the Clippers players themselves aren’t in a position to condemn the apparently-racist owner – and don’t want to boycott with an NBA title on the line – they sure did show their displeasure on Sunday when they took the court for their Game 4 showdown with the Golden State Warriors.

In the above picture, you’ll see several Clippers warm-up jerseys piled up at center court before Game 4. After taking the court for shoot around, the Los Angeles players came together and shed their logo-wielding warm-up jerseys, leaving them at center court in protest of Sterling’s alleged racism. They continued with shoot around, donning inside-out climalites to further show their displeasure towards the Clippers owner.

To top it all off, the Clippers players are also wearing black wristbands, armbands and socks.

Following the release of the audio, there was an immediate outcry for the NBA to drop the hammer on Sterling – anything ranging from forcing him to sell the team to fining him for his ridiculous racism. The Clippers are showing their support for drastic measures to be taken, and are sure to continue voicing their opinions through subtle, passive-aggressive actions.

It won’t be long before the NBA and commissioner Adam Silver have to take swift action against Sterling. He’s become one of the league’s most hated characters overnight, and is quickly tarnishing the image of a league that has long worked to build a respectable reputation.

I know there are a lot of people rooting against the Clippers today to show their displeasure towards Sterling, but this latest display by the Los Angeles players has to make being on their side a little easier.

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