The Donald Sterling Controversy Has One Winner

By Greg Bradshaw
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Clippers team owner Donald Sterling usually surfaces in the news for the ineptitude of his franchise. Four winning seasons in 33 seasons as team owner guarantees Sterling’s place in the shadow of the Los Angeles Lakers as long as NBA basketball in Los Angeles is concerned. This statement is accurate despite the Clippers being a 2014 playoff team. Meanwhile, the Lakers will be watching those ping pong balls in the NBA lottery, hoping to land a young superstar to return their franchise to their glory years.

Apparently, the Clippers can’t handle prosperity, considering the disturbing remarks revealed by TMZ made by Sterling to his then girlfriend, a 20-something vixen only identified as V. Stiviano. Sterling said that he didn’t want Stiviano hanging out with black people, nor did he want black people to attend his games. Sterling’s remarks are ironic, considering that not only are his Clippers constructed of mostly African Americans, but Stiviano is of African American and Mexican descent.

There hasn’t been any league sanctions levied against Sterling. As a team owner, what kind of appropriate sanction could be imposed on him? Fining Sterling won’t help, as lists Sterling’s net worth as $1.9 billion. Taking away draft picks from the Clippers? Four winning seasons in 33 years tells me all I need to know about Sterling’s commitment to winning basketball. Public ridicule and shame? Sterling made his fortune in Los Angeles real estate, and has a reputation for discriminatory actions against minorities. In 2005, he paid $2.73 million to settle claims with the State Department of California amid allegations that his rental practices discriminated against minorities and applicants with children. Sterling continues to make money from his real estate ventures, which reaffirms that he has the last laugh.

The aforementioned maintains that the only winner in the Sterling controversy is Sterling himself. He’ll continue to make his millions off of black labor. Besides, no one can take the Clippers away from him, as they are his team. We can despise him all we want for his view towards African Americans, but he’ll still continue to make his money while laughing all the way to the bank.

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