Former NBA Star Larry Johnson's Idea Of All-Black League Would Set America Back

By Andrew Fisher
Larry Johnson
Getty Images

Remember Larry Johnson? The former Charlotte Hornets and New York Knicks star has been out of the NBA since 2001 and really hasn’t been in the headlines since. That is, until now.

Donald Sterling‘s horribly racist comments have Johnson calling for a radical change to basketball in America:

Most everybody in this country, regardless of race, took offense to Sterling’s comments. To call them horrible doesn’t even really begin to describe them. But the appropriate action here does not involve the creation of an all-black league.

Sterling should be banned from the NBA for life. He’s a scumbag that simply needs to go. He’s old, out of touch and has no place in the game.

Although I get where Johnson’s head is at with the all-black league idea — it’s an idea/concept that would set this country back about fifty years. The days of exclusive/segregated sports leagues are over, and rightfully so. We’re beyond that as a country. People like Sterling are clearly not, but we can’t let a few morons like him ruin the progress everyone else has made.

I understand Johnson’s reaction. He reacted to the despicable comments like many did. But the solution is not to further separate races of people. The solution is to let delusional morons like Sterling bring people closer together.

Either way, it’s good to hear from Grandmama.

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