Los Angeles Clippers' Doc Rivers Justified in Refusing to Talk to Donald Sterling

By RantSports Staff
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Since the recording of his incredibly racist comments went viral, Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has been silent, even when bombarded by media members while getting into a vehicle on Sunday night after his team’s Game 4 first-round NBA playoff loss to the Golden State Warriors. However, he apparently tried to get in touch with Clippers head coach Doc Rivers, who refused to talk to the man signing the checks in the organization, and for good reason.

Had it been any employee within the organization who made the despicable comments, he or she would have been fired on the spot. There are laws in this country and rules within institutions like the NBA and other places of employment that protect employees from racism and prohibit them from promoting it, even outside the workplace. However, when the person at the very top is the one causing the problem, the situation changes.

There’s nothing Sterling can say to Rivers to make things right; the caucasian owner made it clear he doesn’t like African-Americans and even if he apologizes for the statements, his ignorance is forever broadcasted to the world. Nothing good would come of that hypothetical conversation and Rivers was wise not to let anything negative come from it, either, especially considering his team has a chance at winning a title this year.

It’s safe to assume this ridiculous incident played a part in the Clippers’ loss on Sunday after the team held a silent protest during pregame in which the players dropped their warmup tops at mid-court and continued their routine in their shooting shirts turned inside out to hide the team logo. While the Warriors obviously provided competition at a level that makes for a 2-2 series, it can’t be argued Sterling’s comments had no effect on the team whatsoever.


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