Los Angeles Clippers Rumors: Magic Johnson Should Buy Team, Stick It To Donald Sterling

Magic Johnson

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Magic Johnson is on record as saying he’ll never attend another Los Angeles Clippers game as long as Donald Sterling is the owner. As it turns out, he could be interested in becoming the team’s next owner.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo is reporting that Johnson and the Guggenheim Partners are indeed interested in purchasing the Clips, just like they purchased the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Not only would this be fantastic because it would stick it to Sterling, it’s a move that could greatly benefit the franchise.

My only concern is in regards to the purchase just being out of spite. Obviously Magic and company couldn’t have had real interest in buying the team just a few days ago, because this whole Sterling deal hadn’t hit yet. The team just wasn’t going to be up for sale. But now you have to think it will be in the near future.

Johnson is L.A. through and through. It’s his city and he’d run the Clippers the right way. However, that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t  be weird to see him on that side of basketball in the City of Angels. Not only is Magic L.A. to the core, he’s a Laker to the core.

He could very well just see the potential purchase of the Clippers as business only. His heart is still going to be with the Lakers no matter what, so maybe it just makes sense in his mind to step up to the plate for another L.A. franchise?

This is all just speculation at the moment, but everybody knows that Sterling has to go. Someone else or some other ownership group will need to step up and lead the team into a new era. An era without a crazed, out-of-touch old man running the show.

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  • Jared Doyle

    Would be a great move seeing Johnson buy the Clippers out from under Sterling.Great article.

    Come check out my page: http://www.rantsports.com/nba/author/jareddoyle/

  • thaGodfatha420

    just i assumed when Magic Johnsons name was brought up in the recording
    i believe this whole thing was a setup from the beginning smh
    Magic told that girl to record him so it could blow up in the media
    the guy clearly stated he didnt have a problem with blacks smh

  • Layton Harman