Did Magic Johnson and V. Stiviano Conceive Plan To Ensure Donald Sterling's Lifetime NBA Ban?

By Brian Anderson
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has become one of the most hated men in the entire country over the past week. The audio revealing Sterling’s distaste for African-Americans warranted the NBA to hit the owner with a lifetime ban, including a hefty $2.5 million fine. The punishment seemed just given the glaring facts surrounding the racially-fueled incident.

On the surface, Sterling is clearly unfit to be an owner of a sports franchise. Each player, coach and employee working for any team deserves an owner who racially unbiased. There isn’t a person on this planet that would be okay with knowingly working for someone who stands against your every belief and right as a citizen of the USA.

Underneath all of the obvious dirt uncovered in recent weeks may lay the roots of a devious plan to take over ownership of the Clippers organization. Magic Johnson is one of the most important characters in the Sterling case. Johnson was victim to some of the harshest criticism from Sterling in the recordings.Would it be possible for Johnson to have already known of Sterling’s racial issues?

If so, that would make it incredibly easy for two people like Johnson and V. Stiviano to conceive a plan to force Sterling out of his chair.

The audio recordings are said to be dated years back. Sterling and Stiviano no longer have a relationship. Down on money and out of the spotlight, Stiviano has motive to blackmail Sterling, all the while Johnson becomes a leading candidate to buy the Clippers franchise. If there was a poll conducted to see who people felt should become the new owner of the Clippers, I can guarantee that Johnson would lead in votes by a large margin.

As the most recognizable victim of Sterling’s verbal abuse, it makes sense for him to be the guy who takes his place. If this is well-timed and well-played plan to dethrone Sterling as owner of the Clippers and destroy his image, then who could really blame Johnson for his actions?

If someone is going to discredit your entire existence, then why not get revenge in the sweetest way possible? As this story continues to unravel, I’m sure we’re due for a few more jaw-dropping moments.

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