Donald Sterling Controversy Illustrates Difference Between Top 1 Percent and Bottom 99

By Mike Gibson

Some people finally understood the meaning of class warfare when the Donald Sterling controversy broke.

Count me among them.

You hear about class warfare all the time on places like Fox News and MSNBC, each network taking opposite views on the debate. However, it really hit home for me when Sterling got into trouble for some recorded remarks. Forget about Adam Silver’s lifetime ban, a $2.5 million fine and even Sterling’s despicable comments themselves.

How in heck does a guy who looks like that get a girlfriend who looks like that?

No chance a regular schlep like you or I get to second or even first base with a girl who looks like Sterling’s V. Stiviano. This illustrates the difference between the top one percent and the other 99 percent. You can talk about Obamacare all you want until you are blue in the face or the rich being unfairly taxed, but this Sterling case is a working model of the widening economic gap in the United States today.

Sterling, despite being kicked out of the league by current commissioner Silver, will still be a member of the top one percent, and the rest of us will still be in the other 99 percent. Even if Sterling is forced to sell the Los Angeles Clippers, he will still be able to turn a $12 million investment into a $1 billion profit.

Okay, the lifetime ban is pretty bad and being betrayed by a supposed friend is even worse, but a $2.5 million fine is just a drop in the bucket for a guy about to make a $1 billion or so profit. And there’s always a knockout girlfriend waiting to take the last one’s place no matter what he looks like.

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