Los Angeles Lakers Should Target A Metta World Peace Reunion This Summer

By Joseph Crevier
NBA Free Agency
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Since falling victim to the amnesty clause last summer by the Los Angeles Lakers, Metta World Peace has basically been irrelevant. He was a well sought after free agent, but it seems like age and injuries have finally caught up with the former defensive player of the year.

After a brief stint as a member of the New York Knicks, World Peace has remained on the open market, yet to receive any enticing offers. This is partially due to the fact that he has personally limited his options to either playing in Los Angeles or in New York with the Knicks. The Lakers by rule cannot sign him until one year after his amnesty date, and the Los Angeles Clippers have no need for a small forward at the moment. Therefore, it appears as if World Peace’s options are only the Lakers and Knicks this offseason.

Believe it of not, World Peace was a very productive starter in the 2012-13 season, but a torn meniscus late in the year plagued his production immensely. With tons of time to fully recover since being bought out by the Knicks, both teams may have interest in re-signing the veteran forward. Speculation has been buzzing about Phil Jackson having the desire to bring World Peace back, depending on how limited his options are this summer. As for the Lakers, the team is in desperate need of some toughness and defense, both of which World Peace is known to provide.

Whether he can produce for 30 minutes per game or 15 minutes per game, he is certainly worth the consideration. World Peace is familiar with several of the current Lakers, and he is known as one of Kobe Bryant‘s favorite players to play alongside. Also, on the bright side, World Peace will likely not demand too steep of a salary, so Los Angeles could probably snag him at the veteran’s minimum, preserving cap space for other signings.

It ultimately will come down to how much interest Mitch Kupchak has in bringing World Peace back. There’s no doubt in my mind that he would love to suit up in the purple and gold once again, but we will have to see if any talks begin in the upcoming months.

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