Miami Heat Rumors: Big Three Will Return Regardless of Three-Peat

By Andrew Fisher
Big Three
Getty Images

Many people in the basketball world are uncertain about the future of the Miami Heat. The team’s owner, Micky Arison, is not.

When asked recently about the chances of the ‘big three’ (LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh) returning in 2014-15, Arison responded by saying there’s a ‘100 percent’ chance that they’ll all return.

100 percent, eh?

I’ll have to respectfully disagree with Arison on this one. Sure, there’s a dang good chance of the big three returning to South Beach next season and beyond — but I’d put it more at about 65 percent.

The big three coming back will boil down to the Heat three-peating. If they can pull it off, then absolutely they’ll all return. But if they lose in the ECF or Finals, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see at least one of three move on to a new chapter.

If Miami is going to keep anyone, it’s going to be LeBron. He’s the MVP, he’s the BITW and franchise player. No matter what happens in the playoffs this year, he should be priority number one. Getting Wade and Bosh back would be nice, but not completely necessary for the Heat to make another title run in 2015.

If Miami loses in the playoffs this year, how they lose could play a big part in the team’s future. If they get beat out in a tough seven-game Finals, that’s one thing. If they get bounced early, then things could get real.

I’ll buy two of the big three coming back next season, no matter what happens this year. The big three days are numbered.

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