NBA Rumors: Magic Johnson Should Be Questioned Prior To Clippers Sale

By Andrew Fisher
Magic Johnson
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

In some ways the Donald Sterling situation is starting to settle down. He’s been banned from the NBA for life and the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers seems imminent. But we all know this story will continue to make headlines for the foreseeable future. One of the main reasons why is Magic Johnson.

Since this story broke, Johnson has been near the center of it. Sterling was angered by his girlfriend’s picture with Magic and then rumors emerged that he could be interested in buying the Clippers (if they’re indeed put up for sale).

But now a crazy rumor involving the Magic Man has hit the internet. The basketball conspiracists have put together a theory and connected Johnson to the setup of Sterling.


The conspiracy logic goes something like this: Magic played a role in recording the racist comments from Sterling and leaking them to TMZ. Knowing that the comments would cause a firestorm of criticism and possibly a sale of the Clippers, it would provide his ownership group the perfect opportunity to buy the team.

Sound bizarre? Sure does.

This is one of craziest sports rumors to hit the internet in a long time. There’s no evidence of a setup, or of Johnson having any involvement — but I still believe he has to be questioned by the league if his group makes a run at buying the Clips.

I don’t think Magic played a role in any of this besides getting his picture taken with Sterling’s girlfriend, but if he does attempt to buy the team, the league has to at least entertain the idea of a conspiracy theory. Just like in a criminal investigation, everyone connected needs to be interviewed.

We’re talking about Magic Johnson here. He’s one of the classiest individuals in sports history, so I just have a hard time buying his possible involvement in this fiasco. But at the same time, I think we can all agree the Clippers would be much better off with his group running the show.

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