Was Donald Sterling Set Up By Someone Other Than Girlfriend V. Stiviano?

By RantSports Staff

You can’t trust anyone these days.  A recording of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling making racist remarks surfaced over the weekend in a conversation with his girlfriend, V. Stiviano, has held the news world hostage over the past three days and it culminated with Sterling receiving a lifetime ban from the NBA by commissioner Adam Silver. There are two problems here other than the racism: Sterling has a wife and a girlfriend and the latter claims she didn’t leak the recording. So who did?

Sterling’s wife has been after Stiviano for the past few years wanting the millions of dollars worth of gifts given to her by Sterling to be returned. These gifts include a $1.8 million duplex, Ferrari, Range Rover and two Bentleys, although that’s all that has been confirmed at this point.

The natural speculation that has already been made public by Donald Trump is that Stiviano set Sterling up and that she was paid well by TMZ to release that recording. Here’s the problem with that theory: TMZ couldn’t pay her nearly as much as Sterling already did and probably would have in the future.

So since Stiviano has denied leaking the recording via her lawyer, who did? Who else could have wanted Sterling gone from the NBA? Well, actually a lot of people.

Sterling has a history of racist remarks and actions that were never made public by the league, although he was fined $2.4 million at one point, the highest such penalty in NBA history. While the world didn’t know about it, you can bet at least a few people within the NBA did and it’s not crazy to think one of them could have been planning with Stiviano to set Sterling up and get him out of the league.

Again, Sterling’s comments were completely stupid and he deserved the punishment he received from Silver. However, it’s not crazy to think someone knew he would make those remarks and planned for that to happen on a phone call that was being recorded. What’s your conspiracy theory?


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