2014 NBA Playoffs: Los Angeles Clippers Take Series Lead On Huge Day For Franchise

By RantSports Staff
Donald Sterling
Getty Images

To say that Tuesday was a momentous day for the Los Angeles Clippers would be an understatement. When you really think about it, the Clippers have been through more with the Donald Sterling situation in the last 72 hours than most teams go through in a year. Their situation is truly unprecedented.

But there was also a game to be played on Tuesday night. You know, a pivotal game five in the 2014 NBA Playoffs. No big deal.

Much to the enjoyment of basketball fans across the county, the Clippers did indeed take care of business in game five. They protected home court and have now placed all the pressure squarely on the backs of the Golden State Warriors.

Normally it’s the Warriors who people are cheering for this time of year. It’s certainly nothing against them this season, but many casual fans have become Clippers fans this postseason.

As for the action on the court, Blake Griffin continued to show his improvement under Doc Rivers. This season was going to be when we finally found out what the power forward was made of, and he’s responded in a big way. He’s a bonafide No. 2 alongside Chris Paul and he can score like a No. 1. It’s really the been the best of both worlds for the Clippers throughout much of this first round series.

DeAndre Jordan was also huge with another double-double for L.A. on Tuesday night and deserves credit for the team’s big win.

Now it becomes a matter of the Clip Show being able to win one of two to close things out. They may very well lose on the road in Oakland, one of the NBA’s toughest places to play — but you have to like their chances at home in a game seven.

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