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Doc Rivers Deserves Credit For Handling Of Donald Sterling Situation

Los Angeles Clippers

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The Los Angeles Clippers have been on a path the past few days like we’ve never seen before. During the midst of a crucial playoff series, the team was unfortunately distracted by Donald Sterling‘s racist comments. The last thing a team needs this time of year is a distraction, and Sterling provided one of the biggest in NBA history.

But now it appears the Clippers have weathered the storm. They escaped game five with big win and now have the series lead over the Golden State Warriors (3-2). One man has played a huge part in this whole recovery/weathering process — Doc Rivers.

Without Rivers’ strong presence and leadership, who knows if the Clips would be where they’re at today? A year or two ago, things may have turned out completely different.

Rivers reportedly only slept about 45 minutes to an hour each night during the midst of the Sterling fiasco. He was constantly on the go, either prepping his team or talking to the media.

When the final buzzer sounded on Tuesday night and L.A. came out on top, you could see the weight being lifted off his shoulders. He went down the bench and high-fived each member of the team and pumped his fist with an accomplished look on his face. It was emotional, to say the least.

He was the glue that the team desperately needed during this process. We all know that Chris Paul is the team’s on-court leader, but he needed help in this particular set of circumstances.

If these last few days don’t prove that Rivers is one of the best in the business, I don’t know what will.

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