Floyd Mayweather Couldn't Bet On NBA As Los Angeles Clippers Owner

By RantSports Staff
Floyd Mayweather
Getty Images

The Los Angeles Clippers have been the center of the sports world for several days now. Part of the reason why is because of their play on the basketball court. The main reason why is because of Donald Sterling.

Now that Sterling has been banned for life it’s up to the other team owners to boot him out of the NBA. All it will take is a 75 percent vote and he’ll be gone.

So who will step up and make a run at buying the Clippers if they’re put up for sale?

Floyd Mayweather is rumored to be a top candidate. The ridiculously rich boxer clearly has the funds and an interest in sports. He’d make an intriguing owner for a variety of reasons. Like him or not, the guy knows how to promote and how to draw money. He could completely change the culture of the Clippers franchise in no time.

But there’s one thing he may not like about being a part of the NBA — he could no longer bet on games. The man famous for his over-the-top bets would have another sport taken off his list of betting options.

It’s highly unlikely that this factor alone would keep Money from being interested in owning the Clips, but you would think that the organization would like him to tone down his betting ways. However, it would be his team and he could do whatever he wanted.

We all know Michael Jordan likes to gamble, and he seems to be getting along just fine as an NBA owner. But he’s also not known for placing huge amounts of money on high profile games.

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