Houston Rockets: Troy Daniels’ Emergence Makes Jeremy Lin Signing One Of The Worst In NBA History

Troy Daniels Jeremy Lin

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Just over two years ago, an unknown point guard from Harvard stepped on the NBA scene and became an instant superstar. Two years later, that star is now being cast aside as another unknown NBA player is starting make a name for himself. The former is Jeremy Lin, also known to most as “Linsanity” and the latter is Troy Daniels, an unknown rookie from VCU.

Before going into Daniels’ emergence, it is important to delve into Lin’s past. With the New York Knicks, Lin became an instant celebrity as the starting point guard under coach Mike D’Antoni, who is now with the Los Angeles Lakers. In 2012-13, the Houston Rockets wanted to have some of Lin’s magic and gave him a three-year, $25 million deal.

During the postseason run a year ago against Oklahoma City, the first seeds of doubt came into play for Lin and the Rockets. The Rockets trailed that series 0-3 when Lin started, and the Rockets won two straight when Lin was benched before losing Game 6, yet another game that Lin did not start. This past season, Lin even lost his starting job to another undrafted player in Patrick Beverley.

For Daniels, his road to NBA stardom has been similar to that of Lin’s. Despite playing on what is now an elite college basketball team in VCU under coach Shaka Smart, the point guard was barely noticed when it came to the NBA Draft and was an undrafted free agent in 2013. Daniels was waived by both the Charlotte Bobcats and the Rockets, similar to when Lin was waived by multiple teams before his rise to stardom.

Daniels finally signed for good with the Rockets on March 5 and was added to the Rockets’ playoff roster.

Now to compare what each has done this postseason for the Rockets. Lin, facing a more athletic and quicker Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers star point guard, has been severely outplayed on both ends of the floor and even worse, he has been outplayed off the bench by a more experienced Mo Williams. Lin’s turnover at the end of Game 4 gave the Trail Blazers a chance to tie the game, and he was on the bench for all of the overtime period, replaced by Daniels.

On the other hand, Daniels has been a hero for the Rockets, making clutch basket after clutch basket. Without his game-winning 3-pointer at the end of regulation, the series would have already been a sweep. Game 4 was turning into an easy Blazers win in overtime until Daniels hit some crucial 3-pointers to keep the Rockets’ hopes alive. In the past two games, Daniels has scored nine and 17 points respectively while Lin has scored only 13 and four respectively.

Given all of the evidence presented, not only is Daniels a better option than Lin right now, but frankly, Daniels’ performance should be forcing people to think that Lin’s contract was one of the worst in NBA history.

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  • mma_ko

    You do realize that Lilliard is Bev’s defensive assignment don’t you? Lin’s a backup due to Mchale’s decision and isn’t on the floor most when Lilliard plays. Racist writer / hater who didn’t do his homework before mouthing off .. you know where he can stick his pen.

    • Farva55

      Lin sucks.

  • Wells Amy

    I just hope you will live long enough to fully regret what you wrote here. One of the worst in history?You gotta be kidding?

    For a player who is purposefully benched, he is and will be a phenomena whether you want to ignore his coach’s plans or not.

    It has always been a joy to see a sober brain playing basketball. The mere fact that he plays basketball is already a best in NBA history.

    I bet you have waited long to vent your hurt.

    • Vincent McMahon

      This article has got to be one of the worst in sports history!

    • oa92000

      lin scored 21 pts and saved the rocket in game 5..it did not take too long..hahah

  • Wil

    You are lucky that you can write here and make money. This is the worst article ever in NBA history. Using statistics from 2 games to say one player is a better option than another player. You are FUNNY!!!

    • Farva55

      Lin isn’t good.

  • KMAL

    This has to be one f the all time hater articles I have ever read. Thank gd for the first amendment, right. Your articles are biased subjective and exagerrated. And this only makes you look like a fool and unprofessional. Grow up dude.

  • gum

    What a trash and inaccurate article you published!

  • Robert zaccheus

    What an unmitigated fool you are! Prostituting yourself to make a dollar writing such trash!

    • Farva55

      Lin sucks.

  • lin4thewin

    Worst piece of trash article ever. No content in article or in writer. A click whore indeed.

    • Farva55

      Lin is terrible. Go back to New York.

  • Derek Kong

    You do realize that they made tons of money (millions) on endorsements alone from Lin ? In every Houston game, the home court bleachers are full of Chinese characters. Not a single one has been American advertisement – meaning the Chinese firms outbid the American advertisers for those spots. Not to mention Houston games are now broadcast throughout Asia and Canada. The last I checked making money was a smart. No offense to Troy but I doubt he would command such a global fan base. That is why Leslie is a billionaire and Brian is not.

    • Farva55

      Annnnnnd- they’re watching the rest of the playoffs from home. HAHAHAHAHA

  • David K.

    How on earth did you get this job? Even the Lin haters probably embarrassed with this article. You lose all credibility. Dude probably didn’t even watch the game.

    • Farva55

      Lin blows.

  • robroyce

    beverscrub had been always eaten by lilard lmao hahahahaha!!!
    defensive my a$$

  • Jah

    This article is spot-on. Those criticizing this Author are a bunch of butt-hurt Asian fans who think Lin can do no wrong, even if Buddha was to point out Lin’s glaring shortcomings. And the rest are a bunch of racist, White Boys who want the NBA demographic to look more like the makeup of the Hockey League: less Black Players and more White/Asian/Latino players. As if that will take the NBA to new heights. Pfft!

    As soon as we trade Lin and Parsons and fire McHale, we can move forward getting Melo and maybe a PF as we got our SGs and SF situation is set with: Troy Daniels, Rob Covington and Isaiah Canaan.

    We just need to get rid of White-Pride Coaches like McHale and send the racist, white-boy fanbase back under their rock…..or to their Hockey league where they belong. One of the main reasons we can’t topple the Blazers right now is due to Parsons and Lin and McFail’s coaching.

    The Blazers is a strong-Black team. Just imagine if we play a similar all-Black squad without Lin and Parsons, this series would be either tied up by now or the Rockets, one-up. When looking at our play down the stretch in close games, it’s always Lin and Parsons making dumb plays, selfishness, killer turnovers and playing out of sync. Also, McHale’s dumb coaching.

    I hope Morey learned a painful about drafting and acquiring too many dead-weight White boys and dudes like Parsons who’s numbers are deceiving when playing with two Superstar talents. Parsons’ s role should be the easiest given the attention shown to Howard and Harden but the problem, like most passive White players, they simply can’t come through due to a lack skills, heart and BEING BLACK!

    It’s not racism, it’s Truth! Otherwise, you’d see many of these top-echelon teams with more White Players. The fact we dont, is testimony to the fact White Players just aren’t as gifted as Black Players. The Rockets are a perfect example of that with Lin, Parsons and Asik in the lineup and rotation. Even Asik miss shots around the basketball and doesn’t have the killer instinct enough to just start dunking the ball with force.

    Like passive White boys do though, they keep taking the same soft, passive-type shots that get them beat every single time and ultimately hurt our team where Harden and Howard have to over-compensate for their White teammates’ weakness.

    Last thing…..notice how Motiejunas hasn’t played a single minute? Yet, McFail had no problem wasting an entire season trying to groom this passive, soft White European scrub. This is why more talented Black Players get blocked because McHale erroneously kept sending them to the D-League to make room and play time for these losers, White boys.

    Had he sent Motiejunas to the D-League and left him there, and had Morey NOT sign Casspi and had McHale limited Parsons’ minutes, that would have given Canaan, Troy and Covington the timing and play-time to groom at a faster rate than these weak White boys. And come Playoff time, we could have been set with a strong Black unit, which is required to compete with top level Black players.

    We need a better Coach than McHale. And Morey need to get his head right: White Players SUCKS in the Playoffs!

    • John Cho

      Troll I assume…and hope

    • i actually watch nba games

      seriously? even if buddha was pointing at lin? you certainly are a piece of shi-t did you know that? first off, Jeremy lin is christian, and all asians aren’t buddhist dip sh-it. secondly. look at how when jeremy lin actually gets a chance to play he makes all the difference. when he isnt being pulled out randomly and given spotty sub ins he plays amazing basketball that he is always capable of doing.

      imagine you play a position your whole life and get recognized professionally for a position you are good at and then get hired to do so but then they force you to play another position. jeremy lin is a point guard that is forced to play shooting guard and he does his damn best in spite of all the criticism that morons like you try to use against him.

      also, this author is a complete dumb-fu*ck because jeremy lin just made all the difference in this game. im glad you wrote this article because it shows your incompetence as a writer and your lack of knowledge on houston basketball. seriously dude, you’re complete garbage.

    • Thong Pham

      Keep eating long bananan like the monkey you are lol speaking non sense black this black that put a black banana up your a hole foo

    • Thong Pham

      Why dont you go join your buddies on the trees in the jungle? Ill give u a life time supply of bananas lol

      • Farva55

        OMG, you said something soooo racist! We’re all going to cry!

    • Chipdip

      I bet you feel your butt really hurt this morning after game five. Put some gel on and it may help.

      • Farva55

        I bet your hole is a little stretched after the beating the Rockets took in game 6 huh

    • Jah

      See, I’m Man enough to come back and say and Lin and Parsons had good games. However, can they duplicate the same effort for Game 6? Doubt it. Very slim chance. And that adhere to what I meant about their lack of consistency.

      And Harden had a horrible game but still came through despite it. He hit a key 3 pointer to keep our lead alive. And Howard made key stops down the stretch late in the 4th quarter. And that too, adhere to what I’ve say how, Harden and Howard “delivers” when it matters the most. And in that regard, they are consistent and why they get paid the big bucks.

      Lin, for his contract, is still too inconsistent and same as Parsons. I still expect them to be trade in the offseason. Games like this hopefully will boost their stick enough to be valuable trade chips to land Melo. So, good games by Lin and Parsons tonite.

  • Jack Henry

    This article by Brian Kalchik will go into NBA history as one of the worst written (if not THE worst) article which is full of biased and twisted facts. If it wasn’t Jermey Lin unselfishly passed the ball to Daniel in the last seconds for the 3 points shot, Rocket would have lost the third game. The Rant Sports editor should have been fired for letting this incredible low standard article being published.

    • Farva55

      Lin sucks. you don’t know basketball- that’s okay. Not everyone can.

  • TK Wong

    This is just another racist media articles on Lin. Funny how there’s recent articles with headlines such as: “Daniels Emergence – makes JLIN’s signing one of the worst in NBA history” (Rant Sports) “Jeremy Lin’s Rocket Career on the line Game 5 vs Blazers” (Bleacher Report) “Jeremy Lin misses shot over backboard” (SB Nation). Clear double standard as no journalist would ever lead with that type of a headline if there was the only black hockey player breaking into the NHL, right? …. Especially given what’s happened with the Clippers owner Sterling in the last week. Also such a joke, since when is it the lead headline of a news story that an NBA player throws up an air ball in the 2nd quarter of a game, putting up a rushed shot over defenders to avoid the 24-second clock from running out? Of course the story doesn’t put it in that accurate context.
    But because he is Asian in America, Lin gets a double standard that no other pro athlete of other skin color would ever get. So many journalists and the people they work for are so threatened by an Asian man being a leader and grabbing the attention in mainstream sports and culture here in America. Casebook example of discrimination and racism. Haha … Brian Kalchik look in the mirror — you are a gutless wonder.

  • Lincoln1932


  • fungch1218

    Subconsciously, these racists don’t accept an Asian can play a guard so they don’t hold any benefit of doubt.

    HOU lost GM 4 overtime without LiN.

    • Farva55

      Lin is a back up. White, Asian, Black, Telletubby, Tiger, or Lion. He’s still a back up. Deal with it racist.

  • sws94

    Idiot. You are a complete idiot. Who played the best in OT scoring just about half the point prior to game 4? Who dove on the floor when Harden was stripped, recovered the loose ball, got up drove toward the basket to make the assist to Daniels? Want a clue clueless one? You’ve mentioned his name a lot. Before that who got hit in the face with a flagrant foul that wasn’t called and calmly knocked down 2 big free throws? Daniels is a shooter, like a Steve Novak, he’s not creating anything. The kid is doing well. But to talk down a guy playing his heart out on the court and giving great effort to talk up another player is ugly. And Lin hasn’t been guarding Lilliard mostly, he’s been guarding Mo Williams. Beverley has been guarding Lilliard you fool.

    • Jah

      Lin’s play is largely out-of-sync, and he make too many bonehead mistakes that when he do make a great play, it’s inconsistent and far in between. That’s the same knock on Parsons. When Harden makes mistakes, he still putting in points even driving up the lead.

      When Howard makes mistakes, same thing, he’s still putting up more points, doing great on the defensive end. This can’t be said about Lin and Parsons. They make a great basket ad the. Follow up with a bonehead turnover, getting the ball stolen, making a stupid mistake, taking an ill-advised shots.

      It’s “bunched up” in a stretch and before we know it, we lost our lead and help the opposite team extends there. The whole theme with Lin and Parsons is: Inconsistent. Something that cannot be said about Howard and Harden for they deliver even in the midst of their mistakes. Lin and Parsons doesn’t

      • sws94

        He’ll get better with experience. He’ll even out more in a few seasons.

      • John John

        Hey Jah, why don’t you tally up Harden’s stats for this playoff series? He’s sucking pretty damn hard.

        • Farva55


    • Farva55

      Lin is “un-good”. He tries hard therefore he’s an all star. LOL. Gotta love liberals.

  • xav

    Patrick Beverly was drafted by the Lakers in the second round. Just not knowing that fact makes you unqualified to write anything about sports.

  • NotBrendon

    Regardless of his actual ability to play, Lin’s true value to Houston is his ability to sell jerseys for the team. It’s foolish to act like his value to a business franchise is based solely on his ability on the court. Jeremy Lin was marketing gold for Houston and you’d have to ask their PR team if the contract was worth the investment, not just make a judgment based on performance in a few games.

  • Tim Yeung

    Brian Kalchik, Sterling wannabe.

    • Farva55

      Says the REAL racist.

      • Tim Yeung

        Dude look up the definition of racist before you use it.

  • Ray B

    I love proud ignorance. It’s makes me laugh and realize that people don’t care abut being credible.

  • sws94

    What were you saying about Jeremy Lin? Who is showing up in this elimination game? Daniels? Harden? I hope you are watching and learn something. Jeremy Lin is a big game player. And a winner.

    • Farva55

      Yup. He totally won last night. He won the right to watch the rest of the playoffs from the couch.

  • erik

    This is one of worst articles in history

  • bridgebuilder78

    People clam down. Everybody has the right to express his opinion, even an Untermensch Slav like Mr. Kalchik.

    • i actually watch nba games

      yeah, i was just saying how im glad he wrote this. cause now it shows how stupid he actually is. its really sad to see a “writer” make such egregious comments like “worst contract in history” its fuc-king moronic. like this is THE moment where the worst happen. complete idiocy. and the writers stupidity is furthered by the fact that jeremy lin is a really solid pg in the nba. im not saying he is the king or elite top 5 level, but he plays damn well, and does damn well at a position he wasnt even hired to play.

      • Farva55

        Not the worst contract in history- agreed. Still a brutal contract for a guy that maybe should get 20 minutes a night.

  • Thomas Lau

    Spoke too soon buddy Brian, lol Lin made big shots game 5 today for the Win!!!! Jlin had 21pts and 4 Ast :D

  • Thomas Lau

    Lin came back big game 5, lol make this article by Brian irrelevant lolz :D

  • Thomas Lau

    Big game by lin game 5 houston still in, this article written too soon haha

  • Thomas Lau

    Houston still in, big rebound by lin tonight, this article is negated by clutch lin lol

  • Ken

    So Lin goes from 21 points and 31 minutes in a must win. Daniels is 5 pts and 17 minutes. Valid argument. Right.

  • Thomas Lau

    Under pressure and lin came up big tonight, helps Rocket win game 5. Makes author Brian go back to his original job as a janitor lol

    • Ido Amir


  • Intrep1d

    Lin was key in both of Houston’s wins so far this series. Whoever wrote this article is an even bigger knee jerker than most Rockets fans. Also, …one of the worst signings “in NBA history”?? LOL. This guy is a hater.

  • Tim Yeung

    Game Five Playoffs:
    Lin: 30 min 9/15 fgm (60%) 2/5 3pm
    Harden: 40 min 5/15 fgm (33%) 1/7 3pm
    Parsons: 40 min 8/22 fgm (36%) 3/8 3pm
    Guess who just helped save Game Five for the Rockets?
    Of course Racist Lin haters wont write about this.

    • Farva55

      Lin had a good game! OMG! Hold the presses and throw him a parade! Yawn.

      • Tim Yeung

        Actually Lin had a good game in Game One (OT: Lin 3/4, Harden 0/4, Parsons 0/3) and Game Three (Harden lost the ball, Lin dives for it and makes the game winning assist to a clutch Daniels). In fact, the only player who finally had a “good game” during the Playoffs was Harden in Game Six. Now who’s the back up here???

        • Farva55

          You believe Lin is good because of his nationality. I believe Lin isn’t good because he isn’t. See the difference?

          • Tim Yeung

            The difference is I back up my claims with stats and game plays. You don’t.

  • Eddie

    Rubbish Journalism. I lost a minute of my life reading this piece of sensationalism. I hope you watched game 5 and cleansed yourself of your ignorance.

    • Farva55

      I hope you watched game 6 and cried.

  • i actually watch nba games

    also if you actually believe everything you say then you have to believe that hardens contract is the worst in history you fuc-king moron. because he is doing THE worst on the team and daniels looks statistically brilliant compared to him. you re a complete dipshi-t of a writer man. seriously. i dont think harden is bad, in fact he is the most talented player on the team and he is an amazing basketball player. most of the rockets are. but the things you say in this article are just so stupid it makes me and im sure millions of others want to see you fail miserably and never have you write an article on sports ever again. find another job where predictions arent part of your description.

    • Farva55

      Watching and understanding are different things. You’re Welcome.

  • John Smith


    • i actually watch nba games


    • Farva55

      Who is moving on?

  • Tianli Chen


    • Farva55


  • i actually watch nba games

    the one article that this writer ever wrote that had so many views and comments and its the one where he looks the most like a complete, and i mean complete, moron.

  • Peter

    Brian – grow up. You have no idea how to evaluate the game of basketball. Your article proves it. No idea how you got this job at rantsports – guess someone didn’t do their due diligence

    • Farva55

      False. You actually don’t know how to evaluate the game of basketball.

  • John Smith

    Hey Brian, better timing next time to publish a Lin hating article. You’re a JOKE lol

    • Farva55

      Until….the Rockets lost. Suck it John.

  • Bruce Leroy

    nobody wants to write about lin when he does good… only blame no glory

    • Farva55

      Get a kleenex.

  • Leland Williams Jr,

    You eating crow tonigh. Lin saves game 5.

    • Farva55

      You’re eating Crow. Lin loses game 6.

      • Eddie

        Nice trolling Farva

        • Farva55

          Not trolling whatsoever. All of you idiots are the ones trolling. Thinking Jeremy Lin is an all star is hilariously stupid.

  • cy

    good job brian for showing rantsports how much you know about basketball. i’m sure rantsports is very proud of this piece and your absolute stellar ability of presenting all the evidence. that comparison between lin and daniels score way off the charts. tremendous knowledge of what actually happened, as if you were actually watching the game. rantsports must think of you as their goto man for in-depth analysis. such quality of sports journalism will certainly not go unnoticed after gm5. thanks to you, rantsports will certainly go down the history books as the essential sports journalism website for sports fans to look for post-game in-depth analysis ever.

    • Farva55

      This article is honest. Your homerism is not something I ever want to read…anywhere.

  • Wayne Ngo

    This writer is a tool, without Lin’s assist in Game 3, I bet we wouldn’t even know who Troy Daniels is. Oh and… watch Game 5 maybe? Do your homework instead of making sensationalist headlines to bait clicks.


    LOL. You’re so smart. Sorry, I meant dumb.

  • Thong Pham

    U sound so stupid after todays game lol go choke on your own banana dipholed!

  • Todd DelGiudice

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!! Didn’t even read. Nice timing.

  • plansmaker

    It was Jeremy Lin who saved rockets from annihilation in game 3. His scramble to secure Harden’s TO with 11 second left then pass cross court to Troy Daniels for 3pt dagger. made Daniels a instant hero. I guess you missed that one.
    How about Lin and Howard carrying Rockets to victory in game 5. I guess you missed that too…People like you see nothing positive about Jeremy Lin and never will.

  • Spokker

    Lin is inconsistent. For every two big plays there’s an airball or turnover.

    Don’t get me wrong, he’s the entire reason I care about basketball right now. The last time I watched in any serious way was when I was a kid, but let’s be realistic about what he is.

    If he can become more disciplined on a team that plays to his strengths, he can be a dangerous figure in the NBA.

    • John Smith

      Tonight’s game is a strong testament to why he might’ve appeared “inconsistent” every since he joined the Rockets… it’s clearly attributed to McHale’s bias and Harden’s selfishness.

      • Farva55


  • Kim Liu

    Looks like jeremy lin just saved rockets season tonight biatch!!! Worth the contract now? all the while 80 million beardman shot 25% from the field! Hahahahha

    • Farva55

      And Lin lost game 6. So much for him being a “winner.” huh.

  • Jon Good

    LOL too bad you didn’t wait a couple hours to publish this article, after game 5 was over. Lin killed tonight. No point in arguing, just look at the numbers.

  • Chipdip

    Does this writer understand basketball? I saw game five tonight and Rockets won led by Jeremy and Dwight. What is he talking about? Is he delusional?

  • Houstonrocketfan

    The game 5 vs Portland shows the quality of Jeremy Lin. This is suppose to be Rockets that when Harden’s hands were cold, Jeremy should take the charge.
    The last few games that Rockets had troubles when Harden’s hands were cold and McHale insist to put Harden with too many minutes on the floor, McHale should let Jeremy try with more minutes. This is the advantage of Rockets that they have two good PG.

  • Juvan Baldeo

    Yes this article sucks better to join the BALL HOGGS HEART CLUB BAND Harden-Melo-McFail-Kalchik your such a BIG JOKE ! and join Donald Sterling also RACISM!

    • Farva55

      Says the real racist.

  • jcsantos

    Is Brian Kalchik trying to dethrone Mike de Moor as the most anti-Lin biased garbage writer in Rant Sports? When I saw the article, I thought to myself “Oh no, another Mike de Moor article again. Wonder how he’s going to complain about Lin this time.” You had me fooled.

    • Farva55

      Both Brian Kalchick and Mike De Moor know more basketball than you.

  • Tim Johnson

    “Given all of the evidence presented, not only is Daniels a better option than
    Lin right now, but frankly, Daniels’ performance should be forcing
    people to think that Lin’s contract was one of the worst in NBA history.”

    Given all of the evidence presented in yesterday’s game, not only this article is one of the worst in sportswriting history, but frankly, Lin’s performance should be forcing people to think that Brin Kalchik is a donkey who doesn’t know shit about basketball.

  • Tim Johnson

    Well, now that Mike de Moor has relinquished his “King Bonehead” crown I see we have an heir to the throne.

  • $4031331

    after the Wednesday game, I guess you should be effing donkey butt like the racist Charles Barkley?

  • setrue

    Love how Jeremy Lin proves hateful writers wrong every single time. His 21 pts game last night game spoils their lust to crucify him. The team’s “Superstar” has not live up to star billing is given a pass. Where are the articles calling out Harden? Because his name does not draw readers! Remember this, if not for Lin heady play to save Harden’s turnover in game 3 or his spark in 2nd & 3rd quarters last night, the Rockets are winless in this series. Writer’s conveniently forget Troy’s one shining moment in making his three point shot came about because Lin’s hustle for the loose ball and pass Troy for the winning shot. Writer most likely never saw that game just read the headlines when researching for this trash article. LMAO.

  • setrue

    I hope the writer of this article was smart enough to used a pen name to hide his real identity because the name Brian Kalchik will be forever associated with the following description, an unprofessional idiot with zero basketball I.Q. who writes hateful articles without any basis on facts.

    • Farva55

      Hateful?!?!?!?!?!?! WOW. Easy there liberal.

  • oa92000

    the writer is a loser …..dont waste your time

  • John John

    How many games has Troy played again? You’re an idiot.

  • The Whole Nine Nards

    All you losers loving Lin after last night’s game need to get real. This series would be 3-2 Rockets and wouldn’t have even gone to OT in Game 3 if not for Lin missing that layup and then turning it over at the end of Game 4. He played well last night but it was not the norm for this series. He’s been mostly mediocre.

    • Intrep1d

      It was because of Lin’s performance in Game 4 that gave him the drive to play much better in Game 5. There’s a reason for failures and successes. If the Rockets won game 4, Lin may not have stepped up the way he did and this team could have dropped game 5, like they did the first two home games. Believe it or not, but the universe is as it should be, and I don’t think you understand that.

      Also keep in mind that Lin is a role player. I find it difficult to believe that he’s responsible for every make-or-break moment this team has (as you haters seem to believe). The Rockets just aren’t that good under McHale, and Harden has yet to play a truly great game this series.

  • bridgebuilder78

    Again folks, I must remind you to remain calm. It’s not worth your time to be riled up by the ‘thoughts’ of an Untermensch. Mr. Kalchik, just like his fellow Slavs, are unsurprisingly a complete waste of air.

  • Steven Kolderup

    “Worst contract ever”?? The mans an international star esp in China. That has brought in tens of millions of dollars for the rockets along with more international notoriety already. The contract is well well it. Lin has also done a great job as 6th man since signing.

  • Isis Foot

    Still all Lin’s fault, right?

  • Farva55

    There’s nothing more hilarious than watching Jeremy Lin homers cry as the Rockets got bounced. Boom.

    • Intrep1d

      Sit down hater. Parsons and Bev lost game 6. By extension, McHale did too. Despite supposedly being a superstar, Harden didn’t even show up for most of this series.

      • Farva55

        Actually, you should sit down. Jeremy Lin and the Rockets are going HOME.