Oprah, Floyd Mayweather Would Make Interesting Owners for Los Angeles Clippers

By RantSports Staff
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With all the reaction to Donald Sterling’s lifetime ban from the NBA and proposed forced sale of the Los Angeles Clippers, attention is now turning to the natural question: Who will buy the team? Well, after Magic Johnson’s name was thrown around in the potential buyer and conspiracy theory discussion, Oprah Winfrey and Floyd Mayweather have each expressed their interest in purchasing the hottest team in sports.

The term “hottest” there refers to the Clippers being talked about in virtually every news outlet in the world, regardless of genre. The backlash of Sterling’s racist comments have undoubtedly led to this list of potential African-American owners growing by the day…and in relevance.

Floyd Mayweather clippers

CBS Local reports Mayweather is trying to put together a group to purchase the franchise, and hopes to make himself a majority owner. Man, would that be interesting!

You can bet there wouldn’t be any heated discussions in the owners meetings that ended peacefully, especially those referring to race. The boxer would undoubtedly stick anybody like Sterling with a right hook for comments like that, although hopefully there aren’t any more ignorant members of the NBA owners group.

And what about Oprah? You know she’s got the money to be a majority owner with the group she’s trying to put together to buy the team. While she wouldn’t bring the ferocity of Mayweather to the owners group, you better believe she would lay down the law to anybody who say anything stupid like Sterling did.

Seeing as how Johnson is already tied up with the Los Angeles Dodgers and the center of a conspiracy theory regarding Sterling, we’d much rather see Money or Oprah buy the Clippers. That would bring a whole new level of excitement to the NBA.

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