Kevin Durant Can Crush 'Mr. Unreliable' With Strong Next Two Games

By Andrew Fisher
Kevin Durant
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Durant hasn’t been bad in the 2014 NBA Playoffs, but he hasn’t exactly played like an MVP. Either way, The Oklahoman coming out and blasting him was uncalled for.

To call Durant “Mr. Unreliable” is just laughable. I know we live in a ‘what have you done for me lately’ society, but come on now. We’re talking about a guy who’s widely considered the second best basketball player in the world.

If you want to blast him for not being assertive enough, go ahead. If you want to call him out for not throwing the Oklahoma City Thunder on his back, fine. But ‘unreliable’ is not a term you can use to describe KD.

Kevin Durant

With all that being said, what’s done is done. The paper tried to cover its tracks, but the whole sports world has already seen the headline. They screwed up, but the ball has rolled to Durant’s court.

This story will ultimately be defined by what the future MVP does in games six and seven. If there is no game seven, the paper saves a little face. If there is a game seven, and the Thunder when via a huge game from KD, then he gets the last laugh. The Oklahoman will look more foolish than ever. It’s all in the  25-year old’s hands.

Thunder fans are hoping this is the spark their guy needs. He has been going through the motions the last couple of games, so maybe this is what gets him going?

It’s time for Kevin Durant to stop being passive. It’s time he goes into assassin mode and plays like the MVP that he is.

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