Los Angeles Lakers: Kobe Bryant Should Pick Next Head Coach

By Andrew Fisher
Kobe Bryant
Getty Images

Kobe Bryant has reportedly had very little input on the Los Angeles Lakers last two head coach hires. How’s that worked out for the franchise?

It’s definitely not wise to put all your eggs in one basket. But since the Lakers have already ponied up a bunch of cash to keep Bryant around for two more years — why wouldn’t they go all in for him?

His goal is going to be winning a championship. Nothing less will be acceptable to him. If the Lakers go more of a ‘developmental’ route with their next hire and think big picture, you can bet that Kobe won’t be happy. If he’s not happy, what does that accomplish?

Kobe cannot be at odds with the next Lakers head coach. It has to be someone he respects from day one. It’s a ‘make Kobe happy’ or ‘bust’ situation.

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To be clear, I’m not saying the Lakers should listen solely to what the Black Mamba says during the hiring process. But he should have a big say in who’s walking the sidelines at the Staples Center next season and beyond.

Is it crazy to think the Lakers can get back to title contenders in two years? Kind of. But it’s not out of the question if Kobe is healthy, they draft well and the right head coach is running the show.

If Kobe Bryant isn’t a lead consultant during this head coach hiring process, I just won’t understand what the Lakers are thinking.

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