Los Angeles Lakers Must Pursue Steve Kerr as New Head Coach

By Michael Terrill
Steve Kerr Lakers
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It appears it is only a matter of time until former NBA player and current broadcaster Steve Kerr is hired by New York Knicks president Phil Jackson to be the new head coach of the team. However, the recent resigning of Mike D’Antoni from the Los Angeles Lakers means Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak must jump at the chance to pry Kerr away from the Knicks.

Kerr desperately wants to take a shot at coaching in the NBA. The good news for him is that it looks as if some team is going to give him an opportunity. Kerr believes that the only reason he has a legitimate shot to become the new head coach in New York is because his former coach is at the helm. What he does not realize is that he is actually a hot commodity.

Despite his zero head coaching experience, many higher up people in the league believe he understands the game the right way. More importantly, that he has the necessary basketball IQ and leadership skills to command the players who take the court under his watchful eye.

Kerr is from Southern California. The Knicks may employ the man that Kerr respects greatly, but the reality is taking the coaching job with the Lakers means that he can still stay on the west coast near his family. Believe it or not, that alone could be the tipping point in who gets the privilege of Kerr’s service.

The question now is if Los Angeles would even be willing to take a chance on someone who has never coached before. The Lakers obviously have high aspirations to get back to the NBA Finals before Kobe Bryant calls it quits. That means the next man they hire better be someone who can get the job done in a very short window.

Considering Los Angeles is coming off their worst season, acquiring Kerr might be exactly what the team needs to get back on track. As much as the organization would like to win another NBA title immediately, the truth is they need a coach who can grow with the younger players. Kerr will be embraced by the city, similar to what Los Angeles did with Jackson. He’s clearly the correct choice if the Lakers want to find their way back on top.

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