No Way Tom Thibodeau Leaves Chicago Bulls For Los Angeles Lakers

By Andrew Fisher
Tom Thibodeau
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Kobe Bryant reportedly wants Tom Thibodeau to coach the Los Angeles Lakers.

Well, who doesn’t want Thibs these days? He’s been linked to about every major opening in the NBA, even though he’s under contract with the Chicago Bulls through 2016-17. No matter how many times the Bulls say he isn’t going anywhere, new rumors still emerge.

Now there’s talk of the Lakers reaching out to the Bulls for permission to interview Thibs. Who knows how that will play out, but can we all agree that he’s not leaving Chicago? Why would he want to leave a playoff team for the mess that is the Lakers?

Here’s a fairly recent quote from the Bulls coach via the Chicago Sun Times that sums up the situation:

“Nothing needs to be said. To me it’s like I see it. I talk to Jerry (Reinsdorf), I see John, I see (GM) Gar (Forman), we talk all the time, so it’s just something that keeps coming up, and no matter how you answer it will keep coming up, so I don’t waste any time with that.”

No matter how often he and the Bulls play it down, any time a coaching vacancy comes up, he’s mentioned. It’s a testament to how good of a coach Thibs is, but it’s not realistic thinking either.

I suppose you can’t blame losing teams for wanting a proven winner like Tom Thibodeau. He could surely turn the Lakers back into a playoff team in no time. But entertaining the thought of him jumping ship while he’s in the middle of a contract is just loony.

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