Shaquille O'Neal's Major Screw Up Flies Under Radar

By Andrew Fisher
Shaquille O'Neal
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

In a weird way, Shaquille O’Neal might be glad that Donald Sterling‘s racist ways came to light when they did. If it wasn’t for the massive media attention surrounding Sterling and the Los Angeles Clippers this week, O’Neal may have come under some serious fire.

If you haven’t heard/seen by now, this is why:


This photo was posted by the big man on Instagram. In true screw up-fashion, it’s since been deleted. Why? Because the man on the right has Ectodermal Dysplasias, a condition that causes hair loss and missing teeth.

So long story short — O’Neal made fun of a man with a serious condition. To his credit, he’s since apologized:

During slower sports weeks, Shaq would have been killed in the media. Many are already starting to sour on him as a studio analyst, so this incident provided an opportunity for people to really pile on.

Ultimately nothing has or will happen to the original Superman because of this screw up. He’ll go back to doing what he does on Inside the NBA.

I personally like Shaq in the studio. No, he’s not going to give you a bunch of stats and break down a replay, but he makes people laugh on a nightly basis. He also tells things how they are and doesn’t make excuses for anybody. Sure, he has room for improvement, but he’s still very early on in his broadcasting career.

In the future, he’s definitely best served to not make fun of anyone on social media. Ever.

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