Who is Most Intriguing Candidate for Los Angeles Lakers' Head Coaching Job?

By Jeff Smith
Mike D'Antoni
Robert Hanashiro- USA TODAY Sports

The names John CalipariKevin OllieTom Thibodeau, Steve KerrJeff Van GundyMike Dunleavy and many others have been tossed around as potential head coaching replacements for Mike D’Antoni in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Lakers‘ front office said that they want to “make a splash” with their new head coach signing, and there’s one candidate who will do more than just make a splash. This candidate will add a buzz to the Lakers’ franchise that we haven’t seen in a few seasons, and he actually could be a very, very good head coach as well.

Wait, “could be” a very good head coach? You may have just figured out that I’m talking about the reserve point guard for the Oklahoma City ThunderDerek Fisher.

Call it crazy, but while everyone is out there talking about Calipari, who likely won’t take the job, and Ollie, who I’m not sure if he’s ready for the job, why are we all looking past Fisher? Sure, if the Lakers could get Thibodeau, that’d be an incredible hire, but I don’t think it’s happening as I can’t see him leaving Chicago. Why leave a better team with a star player coming back from two injuries who is 25, for a struggling team with a star coming back from two injuries who is 35?

The answer is simple: he wouldn’t.

Kerr would be an intriguing fit, and I actually think that he’ll be one of the final candidates left for the job. For the guys like Van Gundy and Dunleavy, as well as rumored candidates in Byron Scott and Kurt Rambis, they are very good coaches, but aren’t going to make that “splash” that the Lakers want. Fisher, though, will absolutely, 100 percent make that splash in the Lakers’ organization.

It’s been rumored that Fisher, who says this is his final season, is looking to get into working in the front office for an NBA team, but coaching the Lakers is a position that he shouldn’t overlook. Kobe Bryant is another reason why Fisher would be a great fit, as Bryant completely respects Fisher. We’ve seen in Fishers’ time with the Lakers that he was one of the few players who could calm Bryant down when he needed it.

So while the coaching search is underway in Los Angeles, the candidate who the front office may be looking at, but not saying much about, is a player who has been a part of multiple championship teams for their franchise. Don’t overlook Fisher, and also consider the fact that he may have a very bright future as a coach, or member of the front office for some team in the NBA. So why not the Lakers?

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