LeBron James Defends Kevin Durant, But Alludes To Future Team Change

By RantSports Staff
LeBron James-Kevin Durant
Steve Mitchell – USA TODAY Sports

Mr. Unreliable. What a joke.

Oklahoma City Thunder fans should probably stop reading The Oklahoman after that ridiculous headline. Ripping the franchise player and 2013-14 MVP Kevin Durant was just uncalled for and flat out wrong. Apparently, LeBron James agrees.

Say what? LeBron calling for KD to leave the Thunder?

People are really going to read into that comment from James. First off, it’s cool that he stood up for Durant. They might be rivals on the court, but they’re both in the same situation as high-profile American athletes. No one knows more than James how it feels to be killed in the media. Just as a fellow star, he felt he had to say something.

But on the other side, people will say that LeBron just wants Durant to leave OKC so he’ll following the same career path as him. James is still getting ripped for leaving Cleveland four years later, so maybe he wants Durant to leave the Thunder to show that changing teams isn’t that big of a deal?

Who knows, but it is odd that James went there with his comment. Maybe he’s just saying that they’ll regret labeling Durant as unreliable when he’s playing elsewhere someday? Either way, shots have been fired from LBJ.

The only way KD can truly end the Mr. Unreliable fiasco is to win game seven on Saturday.

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