Paul George Game 7 Suspension Would Be Way Out Of Line

By RantSports Staff
Paul George
Getty Images

Nothing has been easy for the Indiana Pacers in the 2014 NBA Playoffs. You could even say that the team is lucky to be playing in game seven of its first round series. But the big question on everybody’s mind in Indy right now is in regards to Paul George — will he be suspended for game seven?

George kind of came off the bench during a shoving match in Thursday night’s game six. Take a look and see if you think he should get the boot for game seven:

Technically, he came off the bench. However, he didn’t get more than a step or two towards the scrummage until he was stopped by an assistant coach. But was he even going to do anything? That’s the bigger question.

It doesn’t look like his intent was to enter himself into the situation. He merely reacted to a teammate being in an altercation with an opposing player, probably by running his mouth.

The NBA will get this one way wrong if Paul is suspended for game seven. He just didn’t cross any lines, besides one technicality. He did come off the bench, but it wasn’t like in the old days when guys would sprint from one end of the court to the other. That’s why this rule was originally put in place.

Up until a few years ago, what Paul did wouldn’t have even been looked at twice. This incident happened to occur in a huge situation on the national stage. Given that part of the equation, the NBA should show him some leniency.

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