The Los Angeles Lakers Need To Bring Back Jordan Farmar

By Brendan Patel
Richard Mackson - USA TODAY Sports
Richard Mackson – USA TODAY Sports

Jordan Farmar only appeared in half of the games this season for the Los Angeles Lakers. He was unable to stay healthy for long stretches and suffered from various injuries. However, when he did play, he provided a much-needed spark off of the bench. He was the quickest guard on the team and shot lights out from deep. His injury concerns mean that the Lakers can bring him back at a reduced price for next season.

Farmar returned to the Lakers this season for a very reasonable contract. It was likely that he would receive significant backup minutes behind Steve Nash and Steve Blake. His playmaking style was deemed a good fit for the pick-and-roll offense that the Lakers would utilize, and it was likely that he would flourish in the system.

Farmar played extremely well throughout the season, when he was actually able to play. He averaged almost five assists a game and improved his overall game greatly from his last stint with the Lakers. He shot an impressive 44 percent from outside, and was effective at getting to the rim. His quickness offered a different dimension to the offense, something Lakers fans had not seen in a while.

His familiarity with the Lakers’ organization and Kobe Bryant should not be underestimated. Farmar proved that he is comfortable in his role, which could blossom into a starting position if he can stay healthy. He can space the floor on offense if he were to play with the star players, or lead a second unit with his playmaking abilities. This ability to fit seamlessly with the team makes him a very valuable piece moving forward.

The Lakers would be smart to bring back Farmar. He has improved a lot as a player and should be in the market for a cheaper contract due to his injury concerns. They need outside shooting and quickness, and would benefit from having Farmar on their roster.

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