Brooklyn Nets: Paul Pierce Is At His Best During The NBA Playoffs

By Mark Wilson

Brooklyn Nets, NBA Playoffs, Paul Pierce
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

His mission was clear from the beginning: he just wanted another ring. It didn’t matter what city or jersey he was wearing, he wanted to prove everyone wrong that he had lost a step and his drive. When a player like Paul Pierce has his mind set on something, he only knows how to go at it one way.

From the moment he touched down with the Brooklyn Nets, he let his feeling be known about the rest of the competition in the Eastern Conference. When he talks, you have no choice but to listen and believe the words that are coming from his mouth. Pierce is a winner and a survivor. This is a man who has literally been through it all with the Boston Celtics. He was around when no one else wanted to be there. He stayed and was rewarded with a championship ring, and was close to another.

But time moves forward and loyalty is a thing of the past in professional sports. There was no ESPN special coverage to announce his decision to sign with the Nets. He handled his business like a grown man and told the rest of the world that the Nets are here to make some noise this season.

Deron Williams is the face, Kevin Garnett is the heart and Pierce is the soul of this once dismal team. Against the Toronto Raptors, Pierce spoke and the whole world listened in as he told the young Raptors and the rest of the league why they gave up so much for him in the offseason. He was brought here for the playoffs. The stage is set for him to do what he does best — perform when the bright lights are on.

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