Expect Much From Chicago Bulls' Derrick Rose

By Jared Hughes
Derrick Rose Return
Chris Humphreys – USA TODAY Sports

The 2011 MVP, Derrick Rose will come back with a vengeance next season for the Chicago Bulls. After a season of high level play from nearly every point guard in the NBA and a first round loss to the Washington Wizards, expect Rose to use that as motivation.

When 100 percent healthy, Rose is the best point guard in the league. That may be debatable to some but no point guard as of late has been able to put together a season like Rose did when he won MVP. Going into the playoffs, all the Bulls were missing was their superstar.

Coming into the season, Rose excited everyone with what looked to be another MVP-type season. He added inches to his vertical and range to his jump shot making him even more difficult for teams to defend. Unfortunately, a torn meniscus pushed him to the sideline for yet another season. After a decision to sit the whole season again, he received a lot of backlash. Trust, the MVP sees and hears it all.

The 2014-15 season will be one to remember. He has healthy knee and probably more gadgets added to his repertoire. Not to forget, the Bulls are looking to add more fire power this summer. One name in particular may be: Carmelo Anthony.

Rose with his knee back to form will claim the best point guard in the league title again. The Bulls will probably look to rest him a bit this season but when not rested, look out for special moments. If the Bulls ranked No. 4 in the eastern conference without Rose, they will compete for the best record in the league with a healthy Rose. Expect a revenge-seeking, high-scoring, unstoppable, MVP-type season for Rose.

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