Golden State Warriors Would Be Nuts To Fire Mark Jackson

By Andrew Fisher
Mark Jackson
USA Today Sports

The NBA is most certainly a ‘what have you done for me lately’ type of league. For an example of this, look no further than Mark Jackson and the Golden State Warriors.

What has winning more games each year over the past three years gotten Jackson? A place squarely on the hot seat.

In a thought that’s incomprehensible to many across the basketball world, it’s apparently where Jackson sits following a 51-win regular season and a hard fought seven-game playoff defeat.

On an island after getting the Warriors to a place they haven’t been in over 20 years? It’s true. It’s true. Golden State hasn’t made back-to-back playoff appearances since 90-91 and 91-92. But yet what Jackson’s doing might not be good enough for the front office folks. It’s really hard to wrap your mind around that.

I get it. Every franchise wants to see significant forward progress. Technically, the Warriors took a step back this year by losing in the first round. But anyone who’s watched five minutes of playoff action this year can see that it’s extremely tough sledding in the Association right now. The Clippers/Warriors series was one that could have gone either way.

All I’m saying is that Jackson deserves one more season at the helm. If the Warriors aren’t taking the proverbial next step in 2015, then it’s fair to say that he isn’t getting the job done. Right now Jackson is doing the best he can in the loaded Western Conference. Any team that’s winning more games each year is doing something right.

You can’t guarantee it, but I’d bet Golden State takes a significant step back next season if Mark Jackson isn’t roaming the sidelines.


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