Karl Malone Likes To Bow Hunt, Kills Bear

By RantSports Staff
Karl Malone
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Karl Malone scored a lot of points during his 19-year NBA career — 36,928 of them to be exact. Now in his post-playing days he’s scored another major accomplishment — killing a bear with a bow.

Check out this photo of Malone on his most recent hunting trip via Instagram:

Karl Malone

That’s right, the Mailman just delivered a grizzles.

It’s being said that Malone did this with a crossbow, which makes sense since he’s trying to take down such a large creature. A regular compound bow can take down deer all day long, but bears are certainly a whole new ballgame.

You also have to wonder how this works. People hunt deer with bows from tree stands. You wouldn’t think you could do the same with bears since you know, THEY CAN CLIMB TREES.

Either way, you have to tip your cap to the Mailman for being fearless in his pursuit of an animal that could rip him to shreds…

It’s unfortunate for Malone that thing people always associate with him is not winning a championship. He’s always on greatest lists of those who’ve never won an NBA title. You can argue that he’s the best to never hoist the Larry O’Brien trophy,

The Jazz were very good for many years. They were top-tier in the Western Conference and you knew they’d be right in the thick of things come playoff time. There was just one problem — Michael Jordan. Without MJ in Chicago, Utah would have certainly won at least one title. However, many teams in the 1990s can say the same thing.

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