Toronto Raptors Rumors: Team Should Bring Back Vince Carter For Victory Lap

By Andrew Fisher
Vince Carter
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Just a week after he hit the shot of his life, Vince Carter‘s season has ended. The Dallas Mavericks were thumped by the San Antonio Spurs in game seven of their opening round series, and now Carter is set to become an unrestricted free agent.

Despite being 37-years old and unable to jump like he used to, Carter still looked decent in the 2014 Playoffs. You can safely label him a solid contributor at this point in his career. He’s not a showstopper anymore, but he can give a team quality minutes off the bench.

Retirement is certainly an option for Carter, but it appears that he now has another career choice — a return to the Toronto Raptors.

Word has spread across the internet that the Raptors are indeed interested in bringing him back for a ‘victory lap’ type of season in Toronto next year.

If we were talking about the Raptors of a few years ago this would be nothing more than a feel good story. But because Toronto is on the rise and surely to be back in playoff contention next year, it could be much more than a tip of the cap to VC.

He could very well play solid minutes for a playoff team to end his career. And if there’s anything the Raptors need, it’s some veteran leadership. Vinsanity alone is not going to get them over the hump, but he could be one piece of the equation.

Overall I love the concept of Carter going back to Toronto. He’s still the Raptors franchise player after all these years later. When you think of the purple team up north, there’s a good chance you still think No. 15. He may not get a storybook ending with the team that traded for him on draft day, but he’ll at least get an appropriate ending.


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