Golden State Warriors Firing Mark Jackson is an Awful Decision

By Jeff Smith
Mark Jackson Fired
Kirby Lee- USA TODAY Sports

The final decision to fire Golden State Warriors head coach Mark Jackson was an absolutely awful choice.

I guess that playing in an insanely tough Western Conference, where the No. 8 seed in the NBA Playoffs had a 49-33 record, and finishing with a 51-31 record just isn’t good enough. They were unfortunate enough to get stuck with the No. 6 seed and had to play a team in the Los Angeles Clippers that could very well win it all this season.

What are the Warriors doing?

Ending with 51 wins in that tough of a conference is not only very, very good, but the team is getting better and the players were behind him. Star point guard Stephen Curry was vocal about the backing he and the team had of Jackson, and now there’s going to be drama in Golden State. Let’s not forget about the fact that whoever the next coach is will have his work cut out for him in order to earn the players’ respect.

Last season, the Warriors went 47-35 and also made some noise in the playoffs. How much more can you ask of a coach than to continue to get better in each season? Especially considering the fact that Jackson just took over the head coaching job.

If you’re a Warriors fan you simply can’t be happy with this decision by the front office, especially with the massive potential that this team has. Unhappy players lead to an unhappy fanbase because of poor performance.

I’m not guaranteeing that will happen with this Warriors team as they are a very talented group, but it doesn’t mean that they made the right decision to fire Jackson.

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