Kevin Durant Dominates MVP Race, Ready To Be League's Best

By Jeff Smith
Kevin Durant
Mark D. Smith- USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Durant is the 2014 NBA Most Valuable Player. There’s no question, no doubts and no more arguing from any fans of LeBron James that this award should go to their favorite player. I may not be the biggest James fan myself, but Durant absolutely earned this award and he dominated the voting as well.

By “dominated the voting”, I mean he literally dominated the voting, at least in terms of first-place voting which is huge. Durant received a whopping 119 first-place votes, while James was second with six votes. The voters got it right after that as well, with no one else getting a first place vote. Simply put, no one really deserves to be considered on THAT level right now.

This is the first MVP award for Durant even though he has won four of the last five scoring titles. It’s safe to say that the MVP award matters more to Durant, but what would mean the most to him would be a championship. James had won four of the last five MVP awards, as well as the previous two, but he lost the crown to Durant this season.

Durant showed us that he’s ready to be the best player in the NBA after this season. He did anything and everything, and he did it without anyone near a name like Dwyane Wade or Chris Bosh with him on the court for the bulk of the season (let’s not forget about Russell Westbrook‘s injury and missed time).

While there were plenty of reasons why Durant deserved this award, including his 32 points per game, 7.4 rebounds per game, 5.5 assists per game and 56 percent field goal percentage. One other big reason, though, was that he led the Thunder to 59 wins while playing a good portion of this season without an All-Star point guard in Westbrook.

No offense to Mr. James, but this award had Durant written all over it. He is the first player since 2001 to win both the MVP and scoring title, when Allen Iverson did it.

What can make this story better? How about an NBA Finals match-up between Durant and James, which is definitely possible. The NBA and the fans would love more than anything to see the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Miami Heat meet in the NBA Finals once again.

Durant is creating talks about who the best player in the NBA is. While that title still goes to James, Durant is right there and he’s not going anywhere.

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