Kevin Hart Rips on Inside the NBA Crew

By RantSports Staff
Inside the NBA
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Kevin Hart is a regular when it comes to NBA appearances. He’s consistently played in the celebrity all-star game over the past few seasons and you’ll sometimes catch him taking in the live action as well. His most recent appearance came on the popular show Inside the NBA on TNT.

Check out Hart as he clowns Kenny Smith, Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley in hilarious fashion:

Normally Hart is hit or miss with his impressions, but those three were spot on. He had the Shaq voice down, the Kenny walk perfected and of course the Barkley nod off was executed to a tee.

Some people dislike Inside the NBA because the guys goof around so much. Others will argue that’s what makes it great. But if you’re tired of regular bland NBA analysis from SportsCenter, Inside is your show. The three NBA vets tell it like it is and they don’t hold back.

Some of the things said on Inside would land a person on ESPN a suspension. But on TNT since that’s the nature of the show, Barkley likely makes more money by being outspoken. You know that each time his contract comes up that Turner is forking over more and more cash to keep him on board.

Many would say the Inside crew all have dream jobs. It’s doubtful they’ll all stay on the show long-term, so we should just enjoy it while it lasts.

This was Smith’s comeback to Hart in case you missed it:

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