No Carlos Boozer Means More Taj Gibson

By Jared Hughes
Carlos Boozer and Taj Gibson
Daniel Shirey – USA TODAY Sports

The power forward position has been up for grabs for the Chicago Bulls. Although Carlos Boozer is the starting forward, Taj Gibson finishes the game. That fact may be based on the coach’s philosophy to finish with defense or maybe Gibson is just a better player.

The two forwards have very different styles of play. Boozer has the ability to score the basketball in different ways. He has an arsenal of post moves and a very good jump shot for the forward position. Listed at 6-foot-9, but its believed he may be shorter, he has a problem playing against taller and more athletic players. Being the good offensive player Boozer is, I can’t say the same for his defense. Boozer’s defense is what pushes him to the bench for fourth quarters.

Gibson, less of an offensive minded player, likes to play powerful, often using his athleticism for the strong layup or dunk. He has also shown improvement on his jump shot and his confidence is sky-rocketing. He is longer and more athletic than Boozer, which allows him to be a more effective defensive player; and that may be the difference.

The Bulls’ philosophy being coached by Tim Thibodeau is defense. Thibodeau is known for his defensive schemes and that is something Boozer does not do. It is difficult to say who the better player is between the two because of the type of team they’re on, but if I was starting a team, I would choose Gibson.

Boozer’s production simply does not match his contract. There are speculations that this will be Boozer’s last season in a Bulls uniform and I believe it. Boozer is a very good player, just not for the Bulls. When Derrick Rose is back and other players are added, there will be no need for Boozer’s services. No more Boozer means more Gibson and when Gibson is on the court, the Bulls are more productive.

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