Tracy McGrady Blasts Roy Hibbert on Twitter, Gets Massive Support

By RantSports Staff
Tracy McGrady
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Roy Hibbert has gone from one of the best centers in the NBA to a punchline at a fairly rapid pace. After throwing up a double zero on Monday night in the Indiana Pacers semi-final round opener, the Hibbert haters are out in full force.

Tracy McGrady isn’t typically a hater, but he did get in the mix on social media after Hibbert’s historically bad performance. Check out T-Mac’s funny and true tweet:

A guy who’s retired from the NBA and is now a minor league pitcher has fired shots at the Pacers big man. How funny is that?

The funniest part is how popular McGrady’s tweet was. It’s one thing if a retired played says something and only a couple thousand people see it, but in the case of this T-Mac tweet, it’s already received over 21,000 retweets and 11,000 favorites. If you have a Twitter account, you know that’s a lot of love.

Normally this would be labeled as a cheap shot, but in this case, it’s all fair. There’s no excuse for a seven-footer getting blanked in the playoffs. No points and no rebounds is almost hard to pull off. How does a guy that tall not pull down at least one board? C’mon man.

The Pacers clearly have their work cut out for them if they’re going to have any shot at knocking off the up-and-coming Wizards. Game one looked like a mismatch.

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